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SATMHS introduces an emerging concept in India to serve business better at a relatively cheaper cost by introducing pooling services. Pooling is using our Plastic crates & pallets on rent basis by Manufacturers/Tier I-II-III suppliers & Retailers. Typically without investing money in buying crates but by paying a nominal rent for use of SATMHS crates & pallets for their entire supply chain. Plastic Crates, Foldable Large/Small Containers (FLC / FSC), Crate bins, Stack-Nest Container, Plastic Pallets, Export Pallets, Dollies(Trollies) etc. can be given on rent as a complete materials handling solution & can also be used for Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) to reduce the cost.

This is how the concept works

Pooling Concept

In its simplest form, SATMHS owned plastic Pallets and Crates/Containers are shared by multiple customers.

A nominal rent is charged for the use of Crates & Pallets on per trip basis.

A strategic business option for companies that wish to reduce capital expenditures and improve day-to-day supply chain operations.

SATMHS Pooling Services


With more and more emphasis on the real time tractability of Assets, Goods, Stock, Vehicle & Personnel; RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is redefining the business processes across supply chain.

SATMHS as a solution provider is committed to helping companies implement customized RFID solutions to meet today's requirements while supporting tomorrow's needs.

This is what we offer to companies

Use of RFID - Application Areas

RFID Applications Areas

Our Tracking System has been developed specifically for packaging logistics management, and can actually do much more than mere tracking. Here are a few examples :

It displays tracking parameters in real time.

Location and status of the packaging in the loop.

Flow problem parameters can be indicated.

Secure access through login code and password.

Menus related to access right.

Damage and loss reporting.

ABC costing.

Order system.

Forecast system.

Multiple language set-up.

Summary - with the Tracking System you can :

Optimize your logistics flow with increased control.

Track costs and trace problem areas.

Manage your operations more effectively.

Access an easy-to-use system with excellent security.

Forget about expensive and troublesome software updates.

Work with a system that is adapted to meet your needs.

A good packaging solution is one thing; having it where and when you need it is another?