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Dubai International Airport to use plastic pallets of Schoeller Arca Systems - 20 April 2009

Press Conference of Schoeller Arca Systems

ALS - Layout of The Warehouse of Dubai Airport

Plastic Pallets - Schoeller Arca Systems

Schoeller Arca Systems - Plastic Pallets
Dubai International Airport - Schoeller Arca Systems delivered where others failed.

A press conference was organized on the 24th of March 2009 on our stand at the SITL Exhibition in Paris to reveal the surprising odyssey which allowed Schoeller Arca Systems France to win the market of 22.000 plastic pallets in Dubai.

It is an unusual and instructive story that Schoeller Arca Systems France chose to highlight, during this press conference which was attended by a lot of professional press journalists.

In November 2005 ALS Logistic Solutions LLC company, based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - which was originally in charge of the layout of the warehouse of the Duty free shop of Dubai airport - was looking for pallets which would meet this particular requirement. Indeed, it is a completely automated warehouse, with a high rack storage system and a handling by conveyors lines. The system of storage and picking must be totally reliable, because the interventions to free a pallet lying across in the top of a rack or on a conveyor would lead to unacceptable production stops. These pallets also have to resist to high temperatures, in case the air conditioning would break down. Especially since they have to bear unfailingly loads till 1.250 kg in racking, to quote only a few constraints.

The web engine used led ALS to the site, a site of information and supermarket of the pallets, which showed itself very reactive and contacted ALS during the same day. After definition of the characteristics and the commercial aspects, 2 wooden pallets were sent in March, 2006.

In April, 2007, the project being more advanced and the first tests made, the problems inherent to the wood (presence of knots, unsteadiness of dimension, unsticking of the barcode labels) proved their impossible use. This is why they decided to use plastics and consulted Schoeller Arca Systems, worldwide leader in plastic packaging systems for the handling and specially for the pallets.

In May, 2007, tests showed that only the Schoeller Arca Systems pallet could surely bear 1.500 kg in a rack system at a temperature of 60°C. But in June, tests of resistance to wear took place which brought to light a premature wear of pallet feet due to the system of conveyors lines. Indeed, before a rotation at 90°, the pallet is pushed by the conveyor line against a thrust, in order to be perfectly perpendicular before leaving in the other axis. The friction of the line on the pallet acts a little like a saw. Then, Schoeller Arca Systems engineers conceived, manufactured and sent by air prototypes of what will be the future "shoes" which will equip pallet feet to prevent this wear problem. And in four days only!

A test feigning three years of actual use of the pallet with full load was then carried out and showed itself decisive: the "shoe" (skid) is worn out at less than 50 %. So the pallet was considered in working order. ALS then placed a first order for 11 000 pallets with Schoeller Arca Systems via, delivered to the first half of the year 2008. A second equivalent order will be made and delivered to the second half-year 2009, to equip the second part of the warehouse.

Mr. Walid Khoury, General Manager of ALS Logistics

After intense search in the market for a proper solution and where other companies failed to fully company, Schoeller Arca Systems delivered! The whole project delivery and handover was realized very quickly due to the flexibility and real partnership from Schoeller Arca Systems and Planetpool.? This success story put in evidence the original contribution of the digital economy in such a business in this scale, through a successful specialized ) site, the creativity and the ability to react of the persons involved in this project (in particular at Schoeller Arca Systems) and the innovation spirit of a group of engineering ( ALS) which opted for a solution which could prefigure what will be the future big automated warehouses.

By the way, the journalists made no mistake about it, judging the stream of questions they ask to the participants during the friendly drink which followed the press conference. And according to the number of visitors gathered in the aisles around the stand to attend the presentation of the project...