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We offer Crates & Pallet pooling services. We supply a range of plastic Crates, Pallets, Systems and Support Services. We also help our customers to store and distribute their goods efficiently with our in-house logistic support.

Companies can save a lot in supply chain costs by using our pooled crates and pallets to facilitate the flow of raw materials and finished goods throughout the supply chain, and by promoting standardization within the High Performance driven industries.

Plastic Crates, Foldable Large/Small Containers (FLC / FSC), Crate bins, Stack-Nest Container, Plastic Pallets, Export Pallets, Dollies(Trollies) etc. can be given on rent as a complete materials handling solution & can also be used for Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) to reduce the cost.

SATMHS owned Crates and Pallets pooling model plays a crucial role in ensuring that organizations deploy their capital into their core businesses. Palletized goods movement ensures substantial time and cost savings, minimizes damage ratios and enhances resource utilization, bringing in efficiencies and enhancing effectiveness in the entire supply chain.

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