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India has become the world's largest producer across a range of commodities due to its favorable agro-climatic conditions and rich natural resource base.

Agriculture is set to play a more dynamic role in the economy, with the government's increased focus on the sector.

Development of the Indian supply chain, be it through cold chain management or grower consolidation, could lead to great leaps in the country?s production yields and efficiency. And retailers and foreign investors who understand these challenges and are prepared to address them could find big opportunities in India.

We offer Plastic Crates, Foldable Large/Small Containers (FLC / FSC), Crate bins, Stack-Nest Container, Plastic Pallets, Export Pallets, Dollies(Trollies) etc & The Foldable Crates/Containers can also be used for Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) to reduce the cost. The crate bins can be used on trolllies as a complete material handling solutions with lid as an optional solution to protect the component.

Our products are designed to cater to the challenging needs of the agro industry. Our foldable crates are a unique solution which reduces the logistic costs considerably. The smooth inside wall design protects the skin of fresh produce there by reducing the waste considerably. They can fit suitably in any supply chain. We also offer dollies for easy movement on the floor instead of dragging the stacked crates manually.

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